I just LOVE “friends” that enjoy taking advantage.of.my shit. Or.those.”friends” that you thought time or distance would never matter because of how close we were since 6………  I was told.by a former best friend that your.best friends are the people you talk to all the time…. then I spoke with a gentleman that thinks his roots, his oldest friends are his true friends. I have a gift.for.this old best friend qith the quote “good friends are like stars. You dont always see them but you always know that they are there.”  Oh well. When any of them fade away ill still be here for her. I just got lost for a little while.but ive been back for almost 4 years.
That’s not even the best part , a lawyer that is working with on an accident here a drunk driver hit me head in a head on collision. I got worried about something so I called my lawyer for advice and not only was he rude and unprofessional (obviously the worry was REALLY in my voice) and I asked if he had my best interest in mind. Well.I guess my gut was right cuz he hung up in my face and told me to find a new lawyer. Talk.about shock. I think im still in shock! I’ve known this man more than half my life and I just don’t even have the words for it (I do.but ill.keep them to myself haha),  it’s just downright wrong, rude, and just awful when you think this person always has your back but when they hang up in my mother’s face once, hang up in my face once and then decide that they’re going to drop you when it’s not even an accident that’s your fault and I have a.TBI.from.hitting my head so hard, you would think the lawyer would want that case…. Whatever………..’. so any good lawyers that we know of maybe Paul Scaf? I really need help and input this time guys, any information would be greatly appreciated. I haven’t slept all night cuz this is all I can think about I’m gonna try to sleep for a little while now. Thank God words can get me out of my head and thank God for real friends 🙂 -<3 gnite/morning

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